According to the Maine Department of Audit, there are 34 unorganized territories in Washington County.

An unorganized territory is any territory in Maine that does not have a locally elected municipal government.

Unorganized territories are provided municipal services by State and Washington County Government.

The Washington County office of Unorganized Territories handles municipal affairs for the 35 unorganized territories in the county.

    Municipal services include:

  •         Upkeep of roads and bridges
  •         Snow removal
  •         Garbage removal
  •         Fire protection
  •         Ambulance service
  •         Animal control services
  •         Cemetery upkeep
  •         Operation of polling places
  •         Shellfish conservation efforts
  •         General administrative services
  •         E-911 services
  •         Soil and water protection

Listing of Washington County Unorganized Territories:

Map of Washington COunty

        Berry Township
        Big Lake Township
        Cathance Township
        Day Block Township
        Devereaux Township
        Dyer Township
        Edmunds Township
        Forest Township
        Forest City Township
        Fowler Township
        Greenlaw Chopping Township
        Kossuth Township

        Lambert Lake Township
        T 19 ED
        T 26 ED
        T 18 MD
        T 19 MD
        T 24 MD
        T 25 MD
        T 30 MD
        T 36 MD

        T 37 MD
        T 42 MD
        T 43 MD
        T 5 ND
        T 6 ND
        T 6 R1 NBPP
        T 8 R3 NBPP
        T11 R3 NBPP
        T  8 R4 NBPP



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